Elevating the Shopper Experience Through Retailtainment

Elevating the Shopper Experience Through Retailtainment

Today’s consumers are turning their attention to brands that provide more than just great products and services. For consumers to adapt a brand as part of their life — and even identity, the relationship must be more than just transactional. Research agrees: cost is becoming less of a barrier to engagement, while the importance of the shopping experience has more than doubled.

Plus, consumers are sharing positive experiences almost equally as often as they share negative ones. When you provide a meaningful experience for your audience they’ll share that with their networks, and the power of WOM takes over.

Retailtainment In-Store:

Walmart employed retailtainment to activate an in-store health fair to connect shoppers with the care available to them in-store. The true challenge was their goal to hold these events in almost every store nationwide.

Pierce executed “America’s Biggest Health Fair” in 4,420 stores across the U.S., providing 280,000 health screenings, 1.85 million product samples, and engaging 1.43 million customers. Not only did Walmart provide practical and valuable services, but they enhanced the in-store experience for guests by amplifying shopper passion points. This PR-rich activation demonstration reinforced Walmart’s commitment to wellness for families across the country.

Retailtainment Out-of-Store:

While Walmart activated inside their own stores, other brands head outside to maximize shopper experience. On Black Friday, The Thomas’ English Muffin Truck provided toasted, custom-topped English muffins outside of popular retailers as shoppers waited in line in the chilly early morning.

The Thomas’ English Muffin truck’s presence was so well-received, Pierce distributed nearly 11,000 samples to hungry bargain hunters in just one day.

The Future of Retailtainment:

The possibilities with retailtainment truly are endless. Brands can craft fully immersive experiences and strategically collaborate with partners to create flawless executions.

Regardless of your goal— there’s a way to incorporate retailtainment to get you there.

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