Mobile Tours: Drive Awareness, Connection, and Growth

Mobile Tours: Drive Awareness, Connection, and Growth

It’s more difficult than ever to attract and maintain individual attention—consumers are busy and can feel impatient and overwhelmed with brand messaging. Brands wishing to stand out need to break through the noise to share their message, or risk being silenced all together.

Experience tells us that in-person engagement makes a tremendous impact, so we’re firm believers in the power of a broad-reaching live campaign. Sound tedious and time consuming? You’d be surprised. There’s a reason mobile tours are considered tried-and-true.

Why Hit the Road?

Here are a few of our favorite mobile tour tactics that can boost any brand:

Spark Intrigue and Amaze the Masses:

Mobile tours are newsworthy — they’re unusual and exciting– something worth talking about. Capri Sun has leveraged mobile tours multiple times for this very reason. The “Gear up for Adventure” campaign promoted the brand when they added vitamins to their drinks. With dedicated zones for parents and kids, Capri Sun was able to build and nurture relationships with two key groups— all while generating more than 3 million impressions.

A mobile tour was the answer again when Capri Sun wanted to build buzz and awareness for another change in ingredients. This is how the “Respect the Pouch” tour came about, complete with action sports demos, samples, and interactive experiences, this time resulting in 7 million impressions.

Honor Individuals and Communities

More than half of consumers expect personalized experiences, even from major brands. Through mobile tours, you can tailor the experience in each destination for the particular demographic you’re serving.

Kraft Cheese partnered up with country singer Brad Paisley on a mobile tour which took them to 27 different concerts. The “For the Love of Cheese” campaign consisted of a true 360-degree experience: digital elements on stage screens, photos “with” Brad Paisley, and even a chance to make your own music video. Everything was tailored specifically to the country music-loving audience and resulted in more than 157,000 targeted consumer engagements.

Similarly, Gillette used a mobile tour to promote the launch of their new Fusion shaving product. With their male demographic in mind, the razor brand got involved with various sporting events, including the Super Bowl, Daytona 500, MLB Fanfest, and developed an activation plan to suit each stop on the itinerary. The tours resulted in 1.5 million consumer interactions and more than 13 million impressions.

Boost Your Bottom Line:

Every brand seeks to increase revenue. Mobile tours activated with an experienced team and a clear message are a strong strategy to accomplish just that. Authentic, in-person connections and awareness drive loyalty, and this in turn leads to more sales.

Mobile tours can even be an immediate solution for revenue generation.

Honey Bunches of Oats, for example, used a mobile tour to spread samples to the U.S. and Canadian markets. They distributed more than 2 million samples, leading to sales that exceeded projections.

Is A Mobile Tour Right for You?

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