Experiential and Omnichannel: How to Drive Sales and Customer Loyalty

Experiential and Omnichannel: How to Drive Sales and Customer Loyalty

Consumers’ path to purchase is no longer linear. As brands invest in creating synergy between every touchpoint, consumers have come to crave a consistent experience across all channels.

That said, only 22% of North American retailers consider omnichannel a top priority, and more than three-quarters know that they’re not providing one.

This means big opportunities for the brands that do invest in creating a cohesive, omnichannel experience for every customer. One important aspect of that is experiential, in-person activations.

The Benefits of Going Omnichannel:

Brands that have successfully implemented a seamless omnichannel experience have more opportunities to build and nurture customer relationships, while converting customers to loyal brand advocates throughout the buyer journey.

With an average of nine channels to choose from, more than 7 in 10 consumers use multiple channels at various stages of the buyer journey. When the experience is consistent across all of those channels, the cohesion creates a positive interaction and has a greater likelihood of leading to a sale.

One report found that retailers with omnichannel strategies can increase average transaction value by up to 35% and customer lifetime value by 30%. Plus, brands that use offline, online, and phone ordering in their commerce strategy have 91% greater customer retention than those without an omnichannel offering.

Experiential: The Crown Jewel of Omnichannel:

One-to-one interactions are key in achieving peak consideration and conversion, making experiential an essential aspect of any omnichannel strategy.

An example: when 3M looked to bring their organizational products to college students, we collaborated with Walmart to target the students and families during a moment of peak stress: freshman move-in day. In a sea of nervous parents and new students, we provided damage-free dorm room solutions to save everyone time and money.

10 days of activation resulted in a 55% conversion rate, with coupon retrieval rates up to 97%.

Moving Forward with your Omnichannel Experience:

In this experiential economy, consumers are craving experiences more than ever before— across every channel.

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